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October 10, 2008


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Leah Klein

I love what you have done and written. I have always thought that overall the Elephant Walk is a great value for a nice dinner out.



Leah Klein

I appreciate this article. I think it's fantastic that you are thinking about defining value and acting on it.

I still think that Elephant Walk has always been great value. The food is excellent, the restaurant is beautiful and service excellent, and the portions have always been generous.



d ketten

Bravo on two counts. One: for recognizing, analyzing, and solving a problem in a way that responds to your customer's opinions. Two: for going to the trouble to provide a clear explanation for those who are interested to read it.

A reduction in portion size is a very good solution. I congratulate you on that since it preserves the quality and taste those of us who enjoy and revere your preparations but it also addresses the problem of America's expanding waistlines. I for one am very happy to see this. Those who fill unfulfilled by smaller portions always have the option of ordering more, and with the reduced pricing, that is no hardship. This is a win-win strategy. In these increasingly difficult economic times, it must be a difficult pill to swallow to cut your prices, but I hope it will be rewarded by not only the retention of your customer base but also by a surge in new customers seeking the more conventional Q for the "Asian" designation. I would have continued with you anyway, as EW is among the finest of Boston's restaurant experiences but I believe you are pursuing a wise path to be both sensitive and responsive to your customer base. Bravo, indeed.

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